Useful command alias for your terminal

May 6, 2014   |   1 minute read.

Lately I’ve been working a lot with my terminal, so I wrote some alias that to help me with my day by day work. You can use alias to open Sublime Text 2 or any other software you want. Here’s my list of what I’ve been using lately.

Remove .ds_store it’s always useful.

alias removeDS="find . -name '*.DS_Store' -type f -delete"

I usually go from one project/folder to other so these two alias are really helpfull when I go to my project’s folder or a ssh remote location.

alias goprojects="cd /Path/to/projects/folder/"
alias goremote="ssh [email protected]"

The next alias helps me a lot when I am in a folder and I want to download WordPress. So what I do is get the latest version of WordPress, unzip the folder, create a folder called site and place the WordPress files over there.

alias getwordpress="curl -O http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz; tar xfz latest.tar.gz; rm -f latest.tar.gz; mkdir site; mv wordpress/* ./site; rm -rf wordpress;"

You can find more information about Alias here.