Bye bye Dreamhost, Hello Siteground.

March 3, 2018   |   1 minute read.

Since 2008 I was using Dreamhost. From a Shared hosting to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) I ran more than 100+ websites for different companies in Chile, United States, Lebanon and New Zealand. I was always OK with the Dreamhost Panel and after so many years it was actually a pain to move all my work to another Host.

I have tried Digital Ocean (which I still use), A Small Orange, Go Daddy and many other hosting providers and I was always a little bit hesitant about moving away from Dreamhost. But as this year I started investing my time on improving and having a better service for my clients and myself, I’ve decided to finally move on from Dreamhost to Siteground.

The change is dramatic.

Let’s talk about what is not so nice. Probably the big CONS from Siteground is cPanel X. Because it basically looks aged to my eyes as a front-end developer. However many features I was using in Dreamhost I can still use with Siteground:

  • SSH Access
  • Manage my databases using Sequel Pro
  • WP-CLI, this probably one of the most important.
  • GIT

And the big PROs are:

  • Minimal Server response, your website basically won’t be loading after 3 seconds like in Dreamhost
  • Excellent Customer Support service, really.

Check here a full list with all the features and comparison.

So that’s it. Thank you Dreamhost for all those years of happy hosting and hello Siteground. <3